3 DIY Tomato Trellis Ideas, Perfect for ANY Budget 🍅

There are virtually as lots of means to trellis tomatoes as there are TOMATOES, however right here are 3 tried-and-true techniques that benefit me. The Florida Weave is one of the most budget choice at about $20-30 dollars for 4-6 tomato plants, then the channel set is a little pricier however better for massive indeterminates, and lastly the reduced as well as lean trellis functions well if you desire to maintain the same tomatoes growing for the whole season and obtain a substantial yield. Some choices for you with container tomato trellises.

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Overall Plan
1:06 – Florida Weave
3:02 – Planting Tomatoes
4:59 – Tying Florida Weave
6:15 – Conduit Trellis
8:18 – Tying String on Conduit
8:53 – Using Tomato Clips
10:53 – Lower and Lean
12:51 – Container Trellis Options
13:58 – Final Thoughts

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