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It’s the residence of nursery supervisor Dylan Hewlett. Over 9 years in this rental house Dylan’s produced a distinctive and also individual garden full of horticultural peculiarities.
The garden sits in the yard of a rather typical-sized suv block (around 200sqm). It has an outside yard that functions as a plant collection, along with 2 greenhouses, full to the border with the seldom-seen.

Dylan’s worked in retail baby rooms for over a decade, as well as larger cultivation for the majority of his life. As a plant “purchaser” for a nursery, he’s accountable for scouring the nation for uncommon and unusual horticultural deals with to offer to consumers. What does the house yard of an expert plant picker look like?

Dylan enjoys cacti and also succulents, and specifically explore the types that could grow in-ground in Melbourne, surviving both the winter months cool and also higher rains. “It’s more usual and sturdy varieties that can tolerate growing outside below, to show that they can be expanded in Melbourne”.

Dylan states there’s a few “hero plants” in this yard:

There’s a big, warty Aloe marlothii. It’s from south Africa as well as can get to 6 metres high, although Dylan’s isn’t fairly there yet.

Keeping the prickly theme going is a tall Ceiba speciosa, “a tree with a spiky trunk from Brazil” that gets the name “silk floss tree” for the fibers in the seed sheathings.

A Dracaena draco that’s already obtained numerous heads as well as doesn’t look like decreasing.

Some bigger Echinocactus grusonii/golden barrel cactus round points out. They’re a fascinating instance of a broad and huge “attribute” cactus that does not mind an excellent Melbourne downpour.

Dylan claims this thickness is exactly how he ties this component of the garden along with the various other (a little contrasting) fifty percent, the exotic yard. “It’s not like one ends and another starts, there’s a blend. The tightness of everything in there helps that”

Right here too Dylan claims he’s growing some plants “you might not believe would certainly endure outdoors in Melbourne”. While contrasting the cacti and delicious garden, these plants are also suddenly flourishing in Dylan’s sandy soil and also in Melbourne’s unforeseeable climate. This includes tropical stalwarts like philodendron, anthuriums as well as Rhipsalis. In this clustered yard Dylan has actually manipulated the microclimate supplied by the close collections of plants.

Greenhouse 1 is house to Dylan’s collection of cacti “and various other uncommon things”. It’s likewise where he maintains his “edge plants that are cacti surrounding and can be treated like succulents”; significance plants that aren’t purely botanically defined as being cacti or succulents, but respond well to the same growing conditions ie warm and also coarse free-draining soil.

The 2nd greenhouse is totally devoted to Dylan’s largest fascination, his collection of Haworthias. In right here he’s obtained “over 300” plants, each one a tiny, exceptionally in-depth marvel.

This garden is one that is idiosyncratic, but at the same time deeply individual. It’s the collection birthed of a whole career in cultivation, and all the little plant discovers Dylan could not aid yet get in the process.

Featured Plants:
MOUNTAIN CABBAGE TREE – Cussonia paniculata.
GOLD BARREL CACTUS – Kroenleinia grusonii.
SILK FLOSS TREE – Ceiba speciosa.
– Agave ‘Blue Glow’.
BLUE BUTTERFLY BUSH – Rotheca myricoides subsp. myricoides syn. Clerodendrum ugandense TREE PHILODENDRON – Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum.
PHILODENDRON – Thaumatophyllum xanadu.
– Philodendron martianum.
MONSTERA – Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’.
– Beaucarnea hookeri syn. Calibanus hookeri.
STAR CACTUS – Astrophytum cv.
ANT PLANT – Myrmecodia beccarii.
– Haworthia cooperi cv.

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