Building a Cold Frame to Grow MORE Food from SEED – Gardening in Portugal – Episode 051

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We’ve been enjoying growing food in our no dig veg garden in Portugal for just over a year. So far we’ve mostly been buying plug plants from the local garden centre and agricultural stores to keep life easy and improve success rate of raising plants. But the variety in the shops is a little lacking and we want to expand our gardening horizons next season by growing more vegetables from seed.

We tried raising a few plants from seed last year – tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, beans, broccoli and a few others – with mixed success. For the most part we had issues with weather and young plants being munched on by a variety of wildlife. So, in this video we’re building a cold frame so we have a more protected area for raising seedlings in the garden for next year. See what we get up to on a damp and miserable day in the Portuguese winter…

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The Story So Far
My name’s Guy. My wife Kylie and I bought an abandoned stone farmhouse and almost an acre of land in the autumn of 2020 and have been slowly (but surely) restoring it and bringing it back to its former glory. We’re renovating the house (doing most of the work ourselves) and rejuvenating the land and we’re living off grid in a large bell tent while we complete the works with a goal of building a semi-self-sufficient homestead.

Stay tuned to see what we get up to and follow our progress.

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