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Gardeners are always keen to provide for native wildlife. But if you haven’t got an in-ground garden, Jane’s going to show you how to attract and provide for wildlife in a pot. Subscribe 🔔
Choose a pot that’s big enough to fit 3-5 different plants for a good range. Jane’s using native plants so fills with a native potting mix.
Some of the plants Jane can choose from include lomandras, paper daisies, conostylis, chrysocephalum, correa and a banksia as a centrepiece. The banksia is a prostrate form, so will stay small in a pot. Jane’s selection will suit a full-sun aspect.

Greater diversity of plant species and sizes will provide more habitat and encourage more visitors.

Using rocks as mulch and some bark boosts the habitat further, providing for visiting reptiles.

Featured Plants:
PAPER DAISY – Xerochrysum bracteatum cv. 
SPINY-HEADED MAT-RUSH  – Lomandra longifolia cv. 
FERN-LIKE BANKSIA – Banksia blechnifolia 
COTTON HEADS  – Conostylis candicans ‘Silver Sunrise’ 
COMMON EVERLASTING – Chrysocephalum apiculatum ‘Silver Sunburst’ 
NATIVE FUCHSIA  – Correa pulchella cv. 

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