#DIY Vertical gardening Tower with PVC pipes ఈ టవర్ ఇంట్లోనే చాలా సులువుగా చేసుకోవచ్చు

Hi Friends, in this video, Sai prasad ( friend) will be presenting you about Vertical gardening tower preparation at home.

Required items for garden tower preparation

1. Marking paper
2. Any dark marker/ sketch pen – 20rs
3. Hacksaw blade with frame – 100rs
4 . Aashirvad upvc foam red pipe 6″ diameter- available in 10ft length -you can make 2-3 towers from this as per your tower height choice
5. Heat gun – 1300rs from amazon
6. Any glass bottle with 9-10 inch circumference- I used 650ml beer bottle from trash shop
7. Spray paint (optional) – as per ur desired color – I used white – from amazon – 400ml – 200rs – can paint 4 towers – prefer white color to reflect sunlight and avoid heating of tower

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