Early March Gardening Update – Seedlings and What’s Been Going On

Even though it’s really early, I’ve still been active with gardening activities recently. In this video, I’ll show just how much the plants have grown in the last month as well as update you on just how much the wonderful potato slips have expanded.
Much of the U.S. has actually had some record winter in February. In our area, we came down to -17 levels F., and were below freezing for virtually 2 weeks straight.
Make certain and also allow us understand what’s been taking place in your garden.

UT, Angel, as well as Kiddo’s Channel:

Contrasting Lesya, Lipstick, as well as Jimmy Nardello peppers: https://youtu.be/0sAz_dA6-4k
Utilizing Cape Sundew Plants To Control Fungus Gnats: https://youtu.be/12gfMIl9lQw
NuMex Big Jim Chili Peppers: https://youtu.be/N2NAy0ZDj2g
Mega Gold Sweet Pepper: https://youtu.be/FA963dIGIek
Shishito Pepper: https://youtu.be/rqWIFZUdv5I
Buena Mulata Pepper: https://youtu.be/hlIP11ES_NM
Chinese 5 Color Hot Pepper: https://youtu.be/bKdr5yRDTLc
Eruptive Ember Pepper: https://youtu.be/PmCdaJSu0cY
Harvesting Mitoyo as well as Some Other Eggplants: https://youtu.be/pdGdnIsvKL0
Just How to Start Sweet Potato Slips: https://youtu.be/n9ZIzs9PmIg

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I garden in zone 6b, in the state Kansas. I would like to learn through you, so really feel cost-free to comment, make ideas, ask a question, give tips, outline your yard, or perhaps use useful criticism.
Many thanks for viewing!

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