Epsom salt gardening uses .ఎప్సం సాల్ట్ ను మొక్కల పెంపకంలో ఎలా వాడొచ్చు?#epsomsalt

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Epsom salt is available in medical shops

Gardening uses of Epsom Salt .In the above video gardening uses of Epsom salt are explained in detail. Epsom salt which is a compound mixture of magnesium sulphate has many benefits like production of chlorophyll an essential pigment for photosynthesis, it encourages strong root system,helps in overal progress os seeds in germination stages,enhances the taste size n shape of tomatoes, peppers. In encourages good quility of flowers in roses,helps the plants to recover from transplant shock,makes the ornamental plants and grasses of lawns green and lush..and many more….It can be given as crystals in the soil,as liquid fertilisers, and as foliar sprays etc

Epsom salt for plants in Gardening || ఎప్సం సాల్ట్ మొక్కలకు ఎలా ఇవ్వాలి?లాభాలేంటి?

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Epsom Salt का Optionवो भी Homemade Organic Fertilizer Rich In Magnesium

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Homemade Epsom Salt for Plant
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ఎప్సమ్ సాల్ట్ తో మొక్కలకు కలిగే లాభాలు || Miracle Fertilizer for plants || Best uses of Epsom salt

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