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Walking in the Smoky Garden with all kinds of Greens, herbs, mint, watermelon, tomatoes, melons, basil, tree collard, purple tree collard, black cobra peppers aka-goat’s weed pepper, cucumbers, peppers and so much more growing, as I plan to start growing a Fall and Winter garden Crop. How I grow in cement blocks successfully, wrapping the fruits with tulle until ripe, growing in the ground and planting in storage containers also known as totes.

Growing Vegetable Gardens in the ground and in Totes, CHAIRS and Containers, Flower Pots and in the Ground, and of course, as I COMPOST in PLACE, (always tips and ideas as We go through). Things are changing, new gardens are coming, that ANYONE can do and grow tomatoes and squash, basil, radishes, lettuce and more are growing…Birds are breeding and eating our pest insects. Squash and zucchini are producing food, setting up in the ground and in all kinds of contains, papayas are growing so big, and we get to eat them all week now, Peppers are growing, tomatoes going great, lettuce we eat daily and so much more. Solar fountains all over, bring in nature and birds. And showing the bathtub with a solar fountain now which the birds love is getting BIGGER.

This is TULLE that Great Fabric SO CHEAP and last all year outside here, here is an aff. link to check out, many colors, I usually get one of the greens, but any color will work great:

This is an aff. link where to check out and get a solar fountain kit, the same that we use here:

Here is an aff. link of the exact soldering iron I use for my plastic pots and other crafts:

Here is an aff. link of the exact soldering iron I use, this is for a set of 2 :

ALMOST ALL the BIRDS in our Garden Link to my Video:

Here are the 18 gallon totes used in my gardens as raised beds, I have been buying them from Walmart Grocery with my groceries so I do not have to leave the house, Ebay too has them cheap with free shipping, so here is an aff. link so you can check them out:

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