GARDEN TOUR of My No Dig Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in April

It’s time for garden tour #2 for 2022! This one is packed full of updates, including my reaction to trying raw homegrown asparagus for the first time! I also share some of the experiments I am doing that are related to amendments and turning the concept of crop rotation on its head. I really hope you enjoy this vegetable garden tour and keep your eyes out for another towards the end of May!


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0:00 Opening
0:18 Seedlings
0:57 Beautiful Surprise
1:25 Asparagus!
2:02 Delicious Brassica
2:57 Strawberries and seed bed
3:41 Border bed and soaker hose
4:43 GARLIC!
5:09 Broad Bean Update
5:51 Elephant Garlic & Caraway
6:30 RocketGro Bed
7:23 Swede Rutabaga Experiment
8:14 Amendments Corner
9:10 Polycrub Update
10:16 Self seeded crops
10:58 Purple Sprouting, Fennel and Cima!
11:59 The Perennial Bed
12:45 Peas & JMS Anecdotal Success
13:27 Soft fruit
14:02 Transplanting leeks
14:49 Cold frame and asturian tree cabbage
15:20 Vertical Structures
15:52 Fastest growing crops

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