Gardening On a Budget E-1: Buying Perennial Plants on Sale for a Plant Yard Sale & Pollinator Garden

Gardening On a Budget is a real time series to help reduce the costs of gardening and even help you make some additional income to pay for garden expenses. An annual plant yard sale is something I recommend to all gardeners. Now is the time to buy perennial plants at a great discount. Plants are greatly discounted come June and July. That is a great time to buy and plan for next year.

Episode 1: Make $500 Selling Garden Vegetable Plants at a Yard Sale: Starting 7 Great Herbs Indoors – Part 1of4:

Episode 2: How I Made $1000 Selling Vegetable Plants: Best Plants, When to Plant, Where & When to Sell & More – Part 2 of 4:

Episode 3: Make $1000 by Having A Garden Plant Yard Sale E-3: Potting Up, Seed Starting & Almost Ready to Sell! – Part 3 of 3

A Live Ramblings on Starting Your Own Plant Yard Sale
How to Make $1000+ by Having a Garden Plant Yard Sale – All the Steps!: Impromptu Live Ramblings E-5

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