Gardening Q&A Episode 23 || Black Gumbo

Once once more, I’ll answer your concerns regarding vegetable horticulture as best as I can. I attempt to pick the inquiries I think that I understand well, if your question does not show up, it is either that I do not have the competence to talk on the topic, or I didn’t have time to cover it in a short style.

In this video we’ll address the adhering to horticulture concerns:

1. Shield cloth for container horticulture?
2. The length of time does cardboard last as compost?
3. Onions: Cured versus Uncured?
4. Foil solution for Vine Borers?
5. Can small wonderful potatoes make slides?
6. Did my corn removal look after my herbicide issue?
7. What selection of Bell Pepper is succeeding for you?
8. The number of bags of dirt to load a metal raising bed?
9. Cinder blocks vs. concrete blocks?

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Black Gumbo shares our rural, yard, lasting gardening initiatives. We work a small, common Zone 9a yard and also elevated beds, the kind of gardening accessible to all.

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