Gardening Secrets | How To Get Better Blooms This Spring & Summer

Are you looking to get more blooms, longer-lasting blooms, and all-around better blooms? Then this is the video you NEED to watch! John Valentino shares his gardening secrets to get more flowers and better blooms in the Spring and Summer. Learn how feeding the soil rather than feeding the plant with chemical inputs can make a world of difference in the performance of your plants. Using these tips in tandem with John & Bob’s smart soil products, you will be able to have beautiful flowers of your own! If you find this video informative and want to learn more, then be sure to check out our website ( and follow us on social media (@johnandbobs)! – check out our website! 🙂
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0:00 Intro
2:05 More Blooms, Bigger Blooms
4:24 Feeding the Soil VS Feeding the Plants
7:35 Pest & Disease Reduction
10:08 Best Organic Soil Inputs

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