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Josh sits down to explain the impact of seasonal sun on the garden throughout the year, and how to plan to maximise its impact. Subscribe 🔔
Sunlight is the driver of any garden, particularly if you want it to be productive, so mapping out the seasonal movement of the sun in your garden is a great task to get you on the right track.

The further south you go in Australia, the greater the difference between the angle of the sun in winter and summer. For example, in Josh’s Garden in Perth, the sun in winter travels at a shallow arc, at a low angle in the sky. In summer, the sunlight in the garden is completely different, with the sun directly overhead and travelling at a much broader, wider angle.

To adapt his garden to this variation, Josh has planted deciduous trees and vines along the northern edge of the property to give shade for the house and outdoor living areas in summer. These plants lose their leaves in winter, so the low-angled winter light can access the garden and inside the home.

Plant hardy perennials in areas that receive extreme variations in shade and sun. The northern boundary line of Josh’s garden sees deep shade in winter and full sun in summer.

Some of the small deciduous fruit trees need summer sun but go dormant throughout the winter, so they don’t mind the shade at that time of year. However, vegies need full sun year-round, so Josh has put them in their own area that is minimally shaded year-round.

If you want maximum success in your garden, take the time to observe and map out where the sun falls throughout the year. This will allow you to plan your garden for success in both the sun and the shade!

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