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There are lots of different kinds of mulch, and they’re all helpful for the yard. Subscribe

Various mulches fit various applications.
– Light mulches like pea sugarcane, lucerne or straw: Great for the veggie patch, will place nutrients right into the soil as they break down, and keep wetness. Stay clear of utilizing around low-hanging fruit like strawberries as it can harbour slugs.

– Eucalyptus or tea tree compost: A favorite for natives, as it resembles what would certainly take place in nature.

– Leaf compost: great to bring back environment for pests as well as lizards. Good all-rounder.

– Tree trimmings: Heavier mulch, hold water and subdue mulch. Great for larger trees.

– Chunky ache compost: Aesthetically pleasing, takes ages to damage down. Perfect for paths and as weed suppression. Not so helpful for yard beds.

– Hardwood mulch: Heavy mulch that takes years to break down. Maintains a great deal of water in the dirt. Great for courses.

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