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Why not bring some of your yard inside with a pushed blossom light. Sophie shows us just how easy and fun they are to make.
Pressed blossom lanterns are constructed from papier-mache and embellished with pushed flowers and leaves. They provide a soft light and also cast intriguing darkness on the wall surfaces of a loungeroom, bed room or anywhere you want to produce a relaxing floral mood.

Flowers as well as Leaves
Blossom Press/ Heavy books
Cardboard, paper
Balloon and Tissue paper
Flour and Water for papier-mache adhesive
Pot/ Vase for harmonizing
Noting Pen and also Brush
PVA glue
Skewer and String
Battery operated tea-light

Picking Flora:
– Select level blossoms when decorating lanterns. Sophie usage wimps, violas, statice, daisies, salvias and bougainvillea. Blossoms with a thick stem or base, you may wish to only push the petals.
– Avoid utilizing fleshy blossoms like camelias. They will battle to dry correctly and also are more likely to rot.
– Don’t forget to include some lovely colourful fallen leaves.

Pushing Flowers and also Leaves:
– Plan this procedure a few weeks beforehand to ensure the fresh product has completely dried.
– For a quick-dry method, lay fresh flowers on a baking tray in the stove, set to a low temperature level and leave the door open to examine them.
– Place blossoms and leaves in between layers of tidy paper, paper and also cardboard.
– Press the layers with each other using a flower press or under the weight of some hefty books.

Preparing products:
– To make a simple adhesive, mix equal parts of flour and water in a bowl and stir well into a smooth paste. 1 mug of flour should be sufficient to cover 1-2 balloons.
– Tear up little pieces of transparent cells paper right into a dish ready for using.
– Blow up the balloon to a practical dimension, bearing in mind that if you’re doing this with young youngsters the larger the dimension the longer it may take to enhance.

Creating the Lantern:
– Mark a line around the balloon to suggest where the opening of the lantern will certainly be. You can rest the balloon on a tiny round pot or flower holder as well as use this circle as a noting overview. The opening requires to be huge sufficient to fit your hand inside.
– Paste adhesive onto a small area of the balloon as well as cover it with tissue paper, pushing the sides of the paper strongly to safeguard.
– Continue including items of tissue paper as well as glue, each item a little overlapping the previous one, till the balloon has an also coverage, quiting at the significant line.
– The lantern requires to have enough layers to develop structural stability, and also not be as well opaque that the light can not make it through. 3 to five layers must give you the density you require.
– Let it completely dry completely before applying more layers.

– Use PVA adhesive to protect your dried out pushed vegetations onto the light. Utilize your creativity and also whatever you think looks excellent.
– Long items such as salvia will need to be flexible enough to curve around the form of the lantern.
– Cover each piece with a thick layer of PVA adhesive to maintain it in location. This might look like a whole lot, however the adhesive will certainly dry out clear and also guarantee they stay on.

Finishing touches:
– Wait till the lantern is completely dry, after that stand out the balloon and get rid of.
– Create a hole either side with a skewer and thread through enough string to hang it up.
– Place a tea light inside the lantern. Sophie uses a battery-operated tea light that appears like the real point. Do not use real candles for these lanterns as these are a substantial fire risk.

Switch the home lights off and also enjoy the prizes of your yard in an entire brand-new light.


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