How to Plant Fruit Trees: The Complete Guide

Grow bags for fruit trees: Join Kevin and also Chris as they plant fruit trees in ground, in containers, in cool and also warm climates. No issue what climate you remain in or what your living situation, this overview will certainly assist you discover how to plant fruit trees successfully.

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Climate – Warm
01:04 – Climate – Cold
01:26 – Hardy Tree
02:43 – Warm Climate Tips
04:46 – In Ground Planting
10:22 – Growing Trees In Containers
11:21 – Varieties For Container Trees
12:01 – Container Size
12:41 – Container Materials
13:19 – Drainage
14:18 – Inspect Roots
15:05 – Prep Planting Hole
16:20 – Water, Mulch & Fertilizer
17:02 – Organic Tree Paint


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