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Millie Ross demonstrates how to circulate a prominent interior plant, the Chinese Cash plant or Pilea Peperomioides. Subscribe

Exactly how to grow brand-new money plants:

– Look for little plants surrounding the larger plant, which are ‘fools’.
– Carefully use a sharp blade to ‘bandicoot’, ie. Dig away at the plant surface of the sucker, to cut the under surface stem at concerning 3cm deepness. It will have origins on stem.
– Pot right into fresh potting mix, delicately load in around roots.
– Water and also place in the washroom for it to expand.

Can make use of fallen leaves with the long stem likewise:.

– Carefully cut the long leaf stem off a plant.
– placed in a glass of water will certainly grow origins, from 7 days or longer.
– When this kinds roots delicately deal with so as to not break roots,.
– Pot them up by making a hole and positioning roots meticulously in to fresh potting mix, fill in the opening around origins and.
– Keep wet (not also damp or dry).

These are great to hand out to pals once they’re pleased in their brand-new pot.


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