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In an age where Instagram is every little thing, the phrase ‘interior jungle’ is bandied around on socials more often than it must be, and it is unusual to discover a space that really meets these requirements and also meets its Insta pictures. In Perth’s southern suburbs, Josh is satisfying a garden enthusiast whose home is just that– an interior forest– as well as her plant collections will make you desire to quit scrolling as well as begin gardening.
There are plants anywhere– big clusters organized with each other, routing plants like Dichondra, Hoya and Epipremnum hanging from ceilings, bookcases as well as racks dedicated solely to foliage, form and also beautiful selections of both pots and plants. While this number of plants might feel overwhelming, also messy, Fesi has styled and also placed plants in a method that really feels practically natural, like they are intended to be there.

Fesi additionally has a penchant for uncommon and also unusual plants, with an ever-growing collection, both inside, and in the glasshouse outside. “I have a rare, variegated fiddle fallen leave fig in the glasshouse, it’s absolutely spectacular with its environment-friendly and also yellow patterned fallen leaves. I wished to put it inside, however the moisture was as well reduced, and also it struggled”. Various other collectable astonishments in Fesis collection consist of Aglaonema picta ‘Tricolour’, Philodendron iselmanii, the shingle leaved Monstera dubia, and also certainly, the increasingly prominent variegated Monstera ‘Albo’ and variegated Monstera adansonii. When he hears what Fesi paid for the variegated Monstera adansonii reducing, Josh nearly transforms white! “Many of these plants are extremely tough ahead by, I need to go to expert collection agencies or farmers to acquire them. I do a great deal of propagation, so as soon as I have these plants, I can, over time, expand and share my collection by proliferating new plants”.

In terms of maintenance, there is no rejecting that maintaining a collection such as this takes work. “I clean down the vegetation of the larger plants with water as soon as a month, while the smaller sized plants get required to the shower or sink for a washdown to freshen and eliminate any type of dirt up their leaves. What about the watering? “Every day is watering day” chuckles Fesi, “I invest regarding a hr watering the indoor plants each day, but only as called for. I’m stringent with my watering– I do not utilize water meters; I use my eyes and also my fingers. I do not water until the dirt is completely dry– this indicates my plants aren’t mosting likely to deal with overwatering concerns as well as origin rot, but it also means I never ever obtain the dreadful fungi gnats”.

Featured Plants:
Philodendron ‘Golden Dragon’
Philodendron gloriosum
VARIEGATED FIDDLE-LEAF FIG – Ficus lyrata curriculum vitae.
VARIEGATED SWISS CHEESE PLANT – Monstera adansonii cv.
Aglaonema pictum ‘Tricolor’.
Philodendron imbe cv. syn. ilsemanii curriculum vitae.
TILE PLANT – Monstera dubia.


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