Insane Vegetable Harvests! California Gardening October 2020 Full Tour

In today’s episode of California horticulture, we take a look at a great deal of veggie harvests we made this month, a full scenic tour of the California Yard, Some gardening tips and techniques, some cool gardening products and also an update on the Santa Ana winds as well as the Silverado fire in Irvine.

The initial point we look at is all the outrageous harvests we made on our veggie yard. Our metropolitan veggie garden is not a farm yet a tiny gardening location where we expand all our produce. We consider harvests of Ash Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Eggplants (Brinjal or aubergine), guava, hyacinth beans, ivy gourd (tindora), kidney beans (rajma), Luffa (or Loofah, sponge gourd, ghosali, neeti berakaya), moringa, okra, onion, peppers, radish, spinach, taro origin, tomato, watermelon as well as zucchini.

We after that take a trip of the California garden, including a full garden excursion of the containers, elevated bed yard as well as the blossom garden.

We after that check out some points to do, including horticulture ideas as well as tricks.

We additionally take a look at the Mars Hydro grow light.

We after that take a look at the California wildfires including the Silverado fire and just how the Santa Ana winds triggered the Silverado fire. Irvine, California was badly impacted by the Silverado fire along with the Santa Ana winds.

So appreciate this episode.

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