Jacco Gardner – Find Yourself (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

From the upcoming cd Hypnophobia, to be launched first week of May 2015 on Polyvinyl (N-A), Excelsior Recordings (Benelux) and Complete Time Leisure Activity (ROTW).

Polyvinyl: https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/#store/jacco_gardner_hypnophobia
Full-time Hobby: http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/jacco-gardner-hypnophobia-pre-order.html
Excelsior Recordings: http://www.excelsiorshop.nl/products/details/9834557/GARDNER-JACCO/HYPNOPHOBIA/1-CD/8714374964135#.VP8So0Ik_zI

Starring Mickey Cohen, Jacco Gardner.
Directed By Bear Damen
Songs by Jacco Gardner
Automobiles by Swa & Nostalgic-Cars
Produced by Bear Damen
Color: Remi Lindenhovius @ De Grot
Liquids made by Bear & Jacco
Unique many thanks to Ben Rider
Shot on Kodak Vision 3, 200T, Arri 416 Prod.

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