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While the majority of people may know with the vibrant camellia japonica, there’s one more selection familiar to tea enthusiasts.

Commonly called the ‘tea plant’, Camellia sinensis ‘Yabukita’, comprises regarding 80 percent of eco-friendly tea manufacturing in Japan.

It’s treasured for its adaptability to cooler climates, energetic spring growth as well as the flavour of the tea created from its young vegetation ideas.

The tea plant blossoms throughout winter as well as to get optimal outcomes make certain you trim after it flowers and then feed the plants with a certain camellia food which will certainly press via brand-new soft ideas, best for collecting in Spring.

Since his plants were in need of a prune he decided to multitask and trim as well as collect at the very same time, Normally Tino would simply get rid of the ideas however.

Here’s exactly how he makes eco-friendly tea.

What you need:
– Two handfuls of soft green tea leave suggestions
– Microwave secure bag (Tino utilizes a muslin range).
– Tray (Tino uses a seedling tray).
– Jar.

What to do:.
– Grab a couple of handfuls of soft eco-friendly tea leave suggestions or pluck the fallen leaves from your cuttings.

– Remove any kind of water from the leaves as well as area in a microwaveable safe bag.

– Place in the microwave above for one minute.

– Kneed as well as roll out the fallen leaves for about five minutes to get rid of any excess wetness, either in the bag or on a chopping board – just beware as the fallen leaves are hot!

– Separate as well as spread the fallen leaves on a tray after that position them somewhere warm to dry for a week.

– Once the leaves are dry, they can be saved in a closed container.

Time for a cuppa!

Featured Plant:.
TEA PLANT – Camellia sinensis ‘Yabukita’.


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