MORE Fall Gardening Tasks (Garden Checklist)

There’s much to do in the garden in autumn. Gardener Scott discusses setting up a fall garden checklist of 15 important gardening tasks. This is the second video in this series. (Video #315)

Watch the first video, “Fall Garden Checklist”:

01:09 Clean & sharpen tools
01:48 Ask for new tools
02:34 Dig up & store tender bulbs
03:15 Plant bulbs
03:32 Plant trees & shrubs
04:17 Test soil
04:44 Rake & save leaves
05:26 Remove fallen fruit
06:34 Mark plant locations
07:27 Fertilize lawn
08:00 Overseed your grass
08:38 Prune damaged & diseased trees
09:23 Create brush piles
10:09 Spread manure
10:55 Plan next year’s garden

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