No Dig Gardening: How to Make a No Dig Garden Bed

The no dig gardening approach is the technique we take on our farm to guarantee marginal weeding and high fertility levels for our veggies. In this video I’ll show you an easy procedure on how to make a no dig garden bed:

1. The first step is to remove the entire location where you want to produce your no dig garden beds.

Although not an outright necessity, in this step it’s preferable you get rid of the root systems from any persistent seasonal weeds (like shrubs) and also trim the whole area.

2. In the second step you’ll require to outline the ‘framework’ of your no dig beds.

When you’ve removed the area you wish to use for the garden beds, it’s time to set out the ‘framework’ to help envision where they come. I like to make use of a little procedure tape, some pegs and also a bit of twine for this function. See: 01:24.

3. In the third step it’s time to put down the very first layer of light robbing material.

After creating the visual referral of where your growing beds are coming, it’s time to lay down the very first light denying obstacle straight on top of the weeds: cardboard. This sheet mulching method is an excellent way to aid you develop weed totally free garden beds quite a lot instantaneously.

4. In the fourth action it’s time to develop your no dig garden beds and paths.

Straight in addition to the cardboard you can create your no dig garden beds by using a layer of weed totally free compost. The minimal thickness of this compost layer must a minimum of be 10 centimeters (4 inches), but preferably 15 centimeters (6 inches). After applying the compost you’ll require to tamp it down as well as portable it. You can do this by either walking on the beds, with the rear of a shovel or in our situation, given that we run a business scale market yard, a bed roller. See: 07:34.

After creating the beds it’s time to develop the paths. In our instance we make use of woodchips (we have a local complimentary source), but you can additionally use a bit of garden compost for the paths to gently cover it. Typically: an area with lots of slug activity must utilize compost for the pathways. In regions with less slug task you can use woodchips or comparable raw natural material.

As well as simply in case you were questioning the widths of our no dig garden beds and also pathways:
Beds: 75 centimeter (30 inch).
Paths: 45 centimeter (18 inch).

That’s the straightforward, yet efficient no dig gardening strategy to turn your grass (or a scraggy patch) right into a fertile and successful veggie yard instantaneously.

If you intend to find out more and for even more thorough explanations as well as terrific tutorials on no dig gardening I extremely suggest you look into the godfather of the no dig technique @Charles Dowding’s network.

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