Peat Moss vs. Coconut Coir: Are They BOTH Bad?

Should we be using peat moss as gardeners? What concerning coco coir, the ‘new’ amendment that is being made use of to replace it? We generated our new cultivator, Chris up in Vancouver, to review the pros as well as cons of both peat moss and also coconut coir.

00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Chris Intro
01:16 – Lulu Bog
02:11 – What is Peat?
02:27 – Peat Layer Destruction
02:45 – Peat Harvesting Practices
03:29 – Ecosystem Shift
03:57 – Burns Bog
04:40 – Peat Product
05:41 – Peat Canadian Source
06:30 – Peat UK Historical Use
07:30 – Peat Bog Conservation
08:12 – Peat Moss Industry
09:21 – Peat Reliance And Properties
10:22 – Peat Alternative, Coir
11:34 – Coir Properties
12:57 – Coir Considerations
14:18 – Coir Salts From Processing
14:38 – Coir Environmental Impacts
15:46 – Peat Vs Coir Conclusion
16:55 – Outro

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