She Grows 50% Of Her Groceries At Home 🏡 | Suburban Garden Tour

Shoot Airam a comply with on IG: My friend Airam is a neighborhood, self-taught San Diego garden enthusiast who began in 2019 and is currently supplying concerning 50% of her household’s veggies directly from her backyard. I enjoy her yard due to the fact that it’s an example of specifically what you can do in a smaller sized, suv space that most of us live in.

00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Background
02:00 – Peppers To Celery
07:11 – Subpod To Eggplant
13:51 – Bananas To Squash
19:01 – Trellis Tunnels
20:46 – Backyard Herb Bed
22:20 – Outro


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