The BEST Fertilizer for Different Gardening Situations | How I Fertilize All of My Plants

I obtain a great deal of questions about plant food so I thought I ‘d invest some time damaging down the finest fertilizer for different horticulture circumstances and also exactly how I feed all of my plants. The categories are houseplants, landscape and potted plants, as well as edible plants, like what I have in the orchard and also my veggie garden.

Mike’s Mix Fertilizer:

Fertilizer Comparison Video:

My Rhododendron Fertilizer:

Pee as a Fertilizer:
Part 1:
Component 2:
Component 3:

Epsom Salt as Fertilizer:

Teaming with Microbes Book:

Go to the site:
Inspect out my Wife’s Channel:

Products I Use Frequently:
Hormodin # 3 Rooting Powder:
Clonex Rooting Gel:
Dip N Grow Rooting Liquid:
Corona Shears:
Leaf Trimming Shears:
Orchard Lopper:
Breeding Tote:
Breeding Dome as well as Heat Mat Combo:
Indoor Grow Light:
Expand Tent:
Sturdy Heat Mat:

Proliferation Group:

Songs: DJ Quads

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