Winter Veggies Gardening Class LIVE with Kathy at Green Thumb Nursery

Kathy from Green Thumb Nursery in Southern California covers a vast array of topics in her ‘Winter Vegetables’ gardening class. Subjects consist of routine treatment, maintenance, natural insect control, planting techniques, organic dirts, disease control, buddy planting, which fertilizers to utilize and also why and also more. Kathy likewise covers a full breakdown of the winter season veggies that we have readily available at Green Thumb Nursery for customers to bring house with them. She ends up the class by growing up two winter months veggie demo planters for those who with restricted room as well as are looking for some ideas on what they might want to plant in a edible container yard. Both planters are perfect for those that live in an apartment or apartment with a patio area.

Enjoy! We hope you will check out Green Thumb Nursery soon:

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