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The Zingiberales is an order including 8 agricultural families, around 70 category, and also 2,600 species, the mass of which occur naturally in the tropics. This is an important order of plants, both horticulturally, however additionally financially, as most of them are plants. Take, for example, the members of the Musaceae, or banana family members.

The Roma Street Parklands, in the heart of sub-tropical Brisbane, has a big Zingiberales collection, as well as seeing members of this agricultural order grouped with each other reveals even more resemblances than one may anticipate. Paul Hoffman, curator of the RSP, explains that” within Zingiberales, most of the plants and also their leaves are large. They are floral perennials in the feeling that most of them have little or no woody cells, and also in wetter, tropical locations, many are evergreen”. The similarities do not end there– “they are all rhizomatous, implying the branches emerge from customized below ground stems.

Canna lilies, household Cannaceae, are an essential component of any kind of tropical yard, as well as are made use of to great result in spotted color, although Paul claims they can tolerate much sunnier areas. “There are many cultivars available, they give excellent elevation sitting at regarding 1m– 2m and magnificent, colourful blossoms. You can extend their blossom screen and also dead-head invested blooms– just do not reduce also far down the blossom spike as there will be much more blooms creating better down the stem”. Cannas, do not endure frost, and also, if expanding in cooler climates, roots can be dug up before initial frost as well as saved to maintain cozy.

The Strelitziaceae plant household consists of some added yard favourites– the Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) amongst them. Although similar in appearance to their stablemates, the foliage in this family is tougher, meaning they are much more tolerant of hot-spots, light frost and also challenging conditions.

The ‘ginger’ team of plants within the Zingiberales are several of the site visitor favourites below at the Parklands and also include the Marantaceae( prayer plants), Heliconiaceae( heliconias), Costaceae( the spiral gingers) as well as the biggest household of the Zingiberales, Zingiberaceae, truth gingers.

The beehive ginger plant, Zingiber spectabile, “just enjoys the shade in the Spectacle Garden where we have them grown in big clumps, but also for house gardeners, it’s a fantastic specimen plant in containers” states Paul. Like many plants within the order, beehive ginger additionally makes an excellent cut blossom, with the bracts holding both colour and form for time when reduced.

To obtain the most out of all these plants try raising the plants every few years as well as splitting the rhizomes, thinning them out prior to replanting. Make sure, especially with pot samplings( like the progressively preferred prayer plants, including calathea), that the soil is maintained wet over the hotter months, and also reduce right back on the irrigation in the colder months– they will gladly endure winter months dry skin. Pauls top idea for using these plants in the landscape?

Featured Plants:.
BANANA – Musa cv.
CANNA LILY – Canna cv.
BIRD OF PARADISE – Strelitzia reginae.
LARGE WHITE BIRD OF PARADISE – Strelitzia nicolai (Check before planting: this might be an environmental weed in your location).
BEEHIVE GINGER – Zingiber spectabile.
LANTERN GINGER – Etlingera elatior.
PARROT HELICONIA – Heliconia psittacorum.
– Curcuma sp.
CAPE YORK LILY – Curcuma australasica.


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