Back to Eden Gardening – Interview & Tour with Paul Gautschi – How To Start No-Till Wood Chip Garden

Back to Eden Gardening is the revolutionary gardening technique pioneered by American gardener and also arborist Paul Gautschi. Back to Eden Gardening regrows soil, saves water, and also restores soil biodiversity while practicing natural gardening principles and also sustainable permaculture techniques for expanding food.

Paul answers one of the most regularly asked inquiries about how to start a Back to Eden Garden and also effectively grow food in a veggie yard and also fruit orchard. Garden enthusiasts will certainly discover Paul Gautschi’s response to the most usual Back to Eden gardening problems, blunders, objection, and also misconceptions including the complying with questions:

What materials do you suggest as a “covering?”.
What kind of timber chips do you suggest NOT to use?
Do you suggest making use of cedar for timber chips?
What have you found out about using hay and straw?
How do you pick a great resource of wood chips?
Exactly how do you recommend preparing the ground?
Just how thick do you apply the “covering?”.
How do you recommend getting rid of turf and also weeds?
When do you recommend using a “covering?”.
What if I do not have sufficient space for a garden?
What if I do not have adequate sunshine for a yard?

Do you recommend tilling to prepare the soil?
Where do you recommend planting in the timber chips?
Just how commonly do you apply a new layer of wood chips?
Do you thin your vegetables that grow in wood chips?
Do the wood chips offer excellent insulation?

Do timber chips bind nitrogen?
Do you advise animal manures as fertilizer?
What kinds of organic plant foods do you recommend?

Just how much do you water?
Is dampness an issue with various other “coverings?”.
Is mold and mildew an issue in wood chips?

How do you advise removing lawn and weeds?
How do you handle solid weeds like thistles?

Just how do you securely handle insect issues?
How do you shield your fruit trees from bird damages?

Why do you not revolve your crops?

Just how do you watch pH problems?


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