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Vegetable Planting Mistakes to Avoid

When planting their veggies in their natural garden, in this video clip I will share many mistakes individuals make. TOMATO/CUCUMBER HOOKS: NEPTUNES HARVEST: (Coupon Code NLG05) SLUGGO PLUS: […]

5 Raised Bed Garden Mistakes to Avoid

Starting an elevated bed yard can be a exciting as well as gratifying experience. Still, there are some usual errors even experienced garden enthusiasts can make. Before planting, below are […]

9 Garden Mistakes We Won't Repeat Next Year

Free $100 gift card with orders over $500, finishes Nov 28: Join the EG Staff as we share several of our knowings from the 2022 expanding period, including our […]

7 Citrus Tree Mistakes to Avoid

After a year of growing citrus here at the Legendary Homestead, here are a few issues to avoid if you want extra success expanding citrus, despite where you live. 00:00 […]