đź”´Emergency Order – NYC torn apart | Truckers For Trump on hold | National Guard Deployed


– Nikki Haley goes down out of the 2024 Presidential race after shedding on Super Tuesday.
– Haley said thanks to advocates yet really did not recommend Trump, leaving it approximately him to gain votes.
– President Biden welcomed Haley’s supporters, emphasizing commonalities on essential problems.
– Former President Trump invited Haley’s advocates to join his activity, knocking Biden.
– Haley invested $114 million on the war Trump, which can have been utilized against Biden.
– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell backed Trump shortly after Haley quit.
– Biden management flew migrants into the U.S. on secret flights, staying clear of boundary issues.
– Biden broadening CBP One app for asylum applicants, enabling 2 years to sort lawful standing.
– Democrats introduced they will not count Trump’s electoral ballots if he wins, comparable to January 6th events.
– Trump slams Fani Willis, accusing her of transforming jurors versus him in the political election interference situation.
– Hunter Biden, together with 2 company companions, will certainly affirm before Congress concerning family members criminal activities.
– UK covertly slipping tools and soldiers into Ukraine in the middle of Russia-Ukraine tensions.
– President Zelensky makes it through murder attempt in Odesa, Russia condemned for missile strikes.
– Houthis deal safe flow permits in the middle of Red Sea ship attacks, revealing self-confidence in their control.
– Former United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates alerts Houthis might proceed controlling Red Sea delivery.
– Emergency order in NYC as criminal offense rises, National Guard released to subway system.

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