🔴JUST NOW: Truckers For Trump BOYCOTT Not Needed as Democrats DESTROY New York and Chicago

Today Stephen Gardner gives a large update on the Truckers For Trump Boycott, Trump’s New York situation with Leticia James. New bombshell exploration in the Fani Willis case and a big no no in the Russia Ukraine War.

– President Joe Biden’s questionable comments concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump’s MAGA group
– Former President Donald Trump’s possible VP picks, including Ron DeSantis, Tulsi Gabbard, and Kristi Noem
– Legal case including Fani Willis vs. Donald Trump, highlighting conflicts of passion with the judge
– Trump’s legal challenges and reactions to fines enforced by Letitia James
– Scaling back funding for prohibited travelers by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and reactions from citizens
– Biden management’s consideration of executive activities to deal with migration at the US southerly boundary
– AOC’s response to Biden’s migration plans and criticism of asylum regulations
– Disparities in revenue and expenditures between AOC and average Americans, and critiques of her depiction
– Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson’s critique of Biden’s motivations pertaining to drug policy and boundary control
– Media scrutiny of Biden’s economic cases, with comparisons to fact-checking methods related to Trump
– James Biden’s testament and White House response to impeachment inquiries

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