đŸ”´Letitia James has FULL BLOWN MELTDOWN as Trump pulls off a MIRACLE!

đŸ”´Senator EXPOSES SECRET MONEY Scheme – https://youtube.com/live/8DLjZrZJAgk
Today Stephen Gardner’s update covers several recent developments involving Donald Trump, Letitia James, a terrorist attack in Moscow, and other political and legal matters:

– Donald Trump criticizes President Biden’s immigration plan in an interview, arguing that it would worsen the immigration crisis.
– Joe Scarborough blames Trump for a recent attack at the Southern border, despite criticisms from various quarters.
– Trump receives a financial boost with the approval of a merger involving his company, Truth Social, potentially helping him cover a bond related to a civil fraud case.
– Letitia James faces criticism for her handling of Trump’s case and her involvement in a real estate controversy.
– There’s discussion about whether Letitia James should be removed from office and the potential consequences of her actions on Trump’s presidency.
– Trump gains a victory in Georgia with a chance to appeal a decision regarding the removal of District Attorney Fani Willis from his case.
– U.S. District Judge Nancy Maldonado faces scrutiny for her inability to define assault weapons during her confirmation hearing.
– House Speaker Mike Johnson faces backlash for advancing a government funding bill, breaching the Hastert Rule.
– The CIA’s alleged interference in an investigation related to Hunter Biden’s associate raises questions.
– A terrorist attack in Moscow targets a concert hall, resulting in casualties and ongoing investigations.

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