🔴Russia warns world war 3 will spill out of Ukraine | Letitia James GETS BOO’d for entire SPEECH

🔴Emergency Order – NYC torn apart | Truckers For Trump on hold | National Guard Deployed

Russia Ukraine War News Update. World War 3 alert. Trump and Biden will try to get most eyeballs tonight. Letitia James hit with huge lawsuit. Elon Musk holds secret meeting with Trump.
– Russia’s top general warns of escalating risk of World War 3, blaming the West, especially England, for provocation.
– Governor DeSantis criticizes Nikki Haley for not backing Trump, highlighting her failure to keep promises.
– Trump holds a secretive meeting with Elon Musk in Florida, sparking speculation about the discussion’s nature.
– The House passes a $460 billion package to extend the deadline and avoid a government shutdown; awaits Senate approval.
– Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s decision against cutting rates challenges Bidenomics; WH Press Secretary faces tough questions.
– Alabama legalizes IVF treatments after temporary suspension, signaling pro-family stance.
– KFF survey reveals abortion concerns may impact election outcomes; Trump’s stance contrasts with some in his party.
– Former NBA player Charles Barkley defends controversial comments on voting for Trump, sparking debate.
– Hunter Biden invited to testify publicly in March; doubts linger about his appearance.
– Trump challenges Biden to debates, signaling readiness for electoral showdown.
– State of the Union speech anticipation grows amid fears of Biden’s performance; proposed tax hikes and policy announcements expected.
– Trump-Musk meeting speculation swirls as border and business discussions likely topics.
– Nassau County lawsuit against Letitia James highlights contentious transgender sports issue.
– Biden proposes building a Gaza sea port to aid Palestinians amid ongoing conflict.
– Sweden officially joins NATO, strengthening the Alliance in the face of geopolitical tensions.
– Russian general warns of increasing military threats fueled by anti-Russian policies from the US and its allies.

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