12 Veggies You Can Start In September RIGHT NOW!!

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You may think the season’s over in your location, and also I’m right here to inform you that’s not the situation whatsoever. There’s actually a great deal that you can still plant in September, so I partnered with @meggrowsplants, @thecottagepeach, @thehomesteadingrd7683 as well as Wild + Whole Founder and @MeatEaterTV staff member Danielle Prewett show to you several of our favored methods to make the many of the expanding period, regardless of where you live!


→ Epic 6-Cell: https://growepic.co/3sBie1N
→ Green Globe Improved: https://growepic.co/3OWPJmR
→ Paris Island Cos Romain Lettuce: https://growepic.co/3LaMIy3
→ Little Gem Romaine Lettuce: https://growepic.co/3sIGuir
→ Vivian Romaine: https://growepic.co/47UAYto
→ Tatsoi: https://growepic.co/45WoqzZ
→ Choko Bok Choy: https://growepic.co/47Wvnma
→ Bloomsdale Spinach: https://growepic.co/3PlzrVV
→ Easter Egg Radish Blend: https://growepic.co/3L5C1wM
→ Calliope Blend Carrot: https://growepic.co/3P2fQZl
→ Rapini Broccoli: https://growepic.co/3svn4NY
→ Tokyo Long White Onion: https://growepic.co/44Bj3F2
→ Market Express Turnips: https://growepic.co/45Ts90Z
→ French FIlet Bush Beans: https://growepic.co/44zfNu6
→ Wando Shelling Peas: https://growepic.co/3P3Mg65
→ Progress # 9 Peas: https://growepic.co/3Z2FOR2
→ King Richard Leeks: https://growepic.co/45QAJxA
→ Baby Greens Mesclun Lettuce: https://growepic.co/45QG6Nl
→ Dinosaur Kale: https://growepic.co/3svnaoO
→ Red Russian Kale: https://growepic.co/45zOUY3
→ Dazzling Blue Kale: https://growepic.co/3syZdwV
→ Common Sorrel: https://growepic.co/3P8hbhE


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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Artichoke: Green Globe Improved
01:49 – Lettuce: Parris Island Cos, Little Gem, Vivian
03:32 – Labor Day Sale
04:18 – Tatsoi: Rosette & Bok Choy: Choko
05:40 – Spinach: Bloomsdale
06:33 – Radish: Easter Egg Blend
08:17 – Carrot: Calliope Blend
09:17 – Broccoli Raab Rapini
10:07 – Onion Bunching: Tokyo Long White
11:07 – Turnip: Market Express
11:55 – Bean Bush: French Fillet
12:58 – Peas: Progress # 9, Wando
14:22 – Leek: King Richard
15:40 – Lettuce Mesclun: Gourmet Baby Greens
16:43 – Kale: Dinosaur, Red Russian, Dazzling Blue
17:45 – Sorrel: Common Sorrel


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