15 Plants You Can Start Indoors in February RIGHT NOW!

It’s not prematurely to begin expanding your Springtime plants, and in this video clip we join pressures with @meggrowsplants, @PNW_ana, @jacquesinthegarden and @inthecottagegardenuk to share some of our favorites to start in February!


→ Epic 6-Cell: https://growepic.co/3u6R3xa
→ Epic Seed Starting Grow Light: https://growepic.co/49gAXj7
→ Pineapple Ground Cherry Seeds: https://growepic.co/4909x1m
→ Cherokee Carbon Pole Tomato Seeds: https://growepic.co/3SIokIr
→ Sun Gold Pole Cherry Tomato Seeds: https://growepic.co/42nUxrw
→ Cream Sausage Bush Tomato Seeds: https://growepic.co/48YcbVh
→ Anise Hyssop Seeds: https://growepic.co/3UsSHUn
→ Early Jalapeño Chile Pepper Seeds: https://growepic.co/3Sor10r
→ Santaka Chile Pepper Seeds: https://growepic.co/3OrHorO
→ Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper Seeds: https://growepic.co/3OtOhsJ
→ Purple Coneflower Echinacea Seeds: https://growepic.co/3OnmLgb
→ Easter egg blend radish: https://growepic.co/3OqPVeB
→ Shin Kuroda Carrot Seeds: https://growepic.co/3SqsZ04
→ Perennial Blend Sweet Pea Seeds: https://growepic.co/3So0Y9t
→ Winter Savory Seeds: https://growepic.co/3uhJRy9
→ Tulsi Holy Basil Seeds: https://growepic.co/49jJsdu
→ Long Standing Santo Cilantro/Coriander Seeds: https://growepic.co/49n7mVz


→ Shop: https://growepic.co/shop
→ Seeds: https://growepic.co/botanicalinterests


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00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Ground Cherry
02:32 – Cream Sausage Tomato
04:05 – Eggplant
04:59 – Anise Hyssop
07:17 – Peppers
09:56 – Echinacea Purple Coneflower
10:35 – Carrots & Radish
12:23 – Sweet Pea
13:43 – Winter Savory
15:00 – Basil Holy Tulsi
16:20 – Cilantro


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