5 Beginner Raised Bed Garden WATERING MISTAKES to Avoid

In this video I will share 5 common raised bed garden watering mistakes. Gardening in raised beds is easier because you have control over more variables and can grow more in less space, but watering is the thing that tripos most people up. So watch this video and avoid all 5 of these raised bed gardening watering mistakes and I include a bonus on how to fix hydrophobic soil!

7 Beginner Raised Bed Garden Mistakes

00:46 – Under watering your raised bed garden
02:07 – How to water a raised bed garden
03:37 – Best time of day to water a raised bed garden
04:25 – Avoid inconsistent watering
05:36 – Best way to mulch your raised bed garden
07:24 – BONUS: Fixing Hydrophobic soil

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