A dream forestscape garden with pool, waterfall & wildlife | Indonesia Special | Gardening Australia

We’ve travelled to Indonesia to showcase amazing gardens, spectacular nature and passionate farmers. Sean Salim from @onlyplants presents us to a particularly spectacular garden today.
Plant breeder Chandra Hendarto aimed to produce an ecosystem in the space around his home to welcome in visiting wildlife. He was particularly keen to bring in dragonflies, which he says are a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem. There are currently great deals of dragonflies in his rich, naturalistic yard, which features a swimming pool that sits together with fishponds and a waterfall bordered by dense, tropical vegetation and high trees.

While his garden is large, he says even if you only have a few square metres, it’s possible to contribute oxygen to the world by adding a few plants.

He says the yard has altered his life.

Filmed in Depok, West Java

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