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When we visited her horticulture class at Footscray High School, we met Elisabeth. Her love of plants proceeds at home, where she has a remarkable collection of interior plants. Subscribe http://ab.co/GA-subscribe
At just 16 she currently has about 150 plants in her space in your home in Melbourne’s internal west. Elisabeth specifically loves anthuriums or flamingo plants.

For maximum plant development she has actually installed full-spectrum expand lights. She also maintains her space at 80% humidity, “which can obtain a little much,” she admits.

Elisabeth purchases plants from collection agencies interstate and does a great deal of breeding.

One is Philodendron ‘Dean McDowell’, which she directs out has extra-floral nectaries that create necta; in the wild this farmed by ants which, consequently, secure the plant, creating a mutually valuable relationship.

A favorite plant is Anthurium warocqueenum, which has long, creamy fallen leaves. She ordered this plant from Far North Queensland and it inspired her to produce a vertical yard, since it need moisture and something to get on.

The yard was constructed out of an old washing sink and a piece of PVC foam board covered in 2 layers of gardening felt; the plant origins rest between both layers with no real substrate. The roots affix to the really felt, which takes in liquid fertilizer from the sink and so gives all the nutrients the plants require to grow. The sink can be rolled out to hose down and eliminate any mineral accumulation.

Elisabeth was urged by her moms and dads to sign up with regional growing days as a kid and expanded to like vibrant blossoms and succulents as she aged.

A birthday present of a Monstera deliciosa one year kick-started her accumulating insect.

She currently has a spreadsheet of all the plants she has, which has actually helped her learn the scientific names and exercise what she wishes to accumulate.

Elisabeth shows exactly how she repots an anthurium she has actually propagated, first soaking it for a couple of hours in liquid fertiliser to decrease transplant shock, after that getting rid of any old substratum from the origins. She then put the rootball in a pot and delicately backfills with expanding mixture.

Her chosen substrate is a mix of LECA (light-weight increased clay accumulation) and mineral mix designed for succulents – this reduces the threat of mould and ensures there’s no fungi gnats, which can stay in potting mix. She sterilises the mix before utilizing it; this can be performed with boiling water, steam or in the microwave.

Shot on Boon Wurrung & Bunurong Country in Newport, Vic

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