Building a 2000+ Gallon Garden Pond!

THE DREAM POND. Recognized to collaborate with @Ed The Pond Professor, @TEAM Aquascape, and also some great regional Aquascapes contractors on this EPIC project. A lot even more ahead with the yard fish pond, including aquatic plants, riparian edibles like watercress, taro, lotus, and so on!

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Pond Background
02:45 – Excavating
03:05 – Prepping The Reservoir
03:57 – Aquablocks Background
06:03 – Aquablocks Install
07:29 – Designing The Pond
09:12 – Prepping The Pond
09:22 – Rock Shopping
11:18 – Rock Delivery
11:50 – Biofilter
12:40 – Rock Formation
13:46 – Conclusion Of The Day
14:03 – Water Pump
14:36 – Placing Rocks And Wood
14:49 – Plant Placements
17:07 – Turning It On For First Time
17:41 – Pond Current Status
20:43 – Outro


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