Building a Raised Bed Garden From Start to Finish (feat. @Kehlani)

Order some Birdies beds: What a legendary job with @Kehlani! Hope this video gives you a feeling for just how to build a yard from square one, from placement to plant selection to soil. Had an outright blast and desire to do more in the future … allow me understand who I should collab with next!

00:00 – Intro
01:28 – Nursery Shopping at Mission Hills
02:38 – Walter Anderson
03:00 – Day Before Overview
03:20 – Morning Of Install
03:43 – Initial Garden Area
04:21 – Choosing The Garden Space
05:16 – Site Selection
06:13 – Final Garden Location
06:48 – Bed Selection
08:13 – Initial Build Out
08:42 – Soil Delivery
09:07 – Day 1 Summary
10:07 – Day 2 Soil Filler
10:36 – Huge Layering
11:11 – First Beds In
11:47 – Garden Design Placements
12:52 – Fertilizing Beds
13:19 – Watering In The Soil
13:50 – Hoselink Install
14:09 – Gracie Arbor Install
14:41 – Planting
15:17 – Book + Garden Walkthrough
16:09 – Outro


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