Complete Gardening Skill Guide [Base Game, Seasons, Cottage Living] | The Sims 4

A guide looking at the gardening skill in the Sims 4, including the basics, helpful aspirations and traits, all of the skill level unlocks, as well as additional information and awesome features to help you get more out of the skill. Please like and comment, and Subscribe here:

In addition to looking in depth at the gardening skill in the base game, this guide will also look at how Seasons and Cottage Living impact on the gardening skill.


Snapdragon + Strawberry gives Dragonfruit
Dragonfruit + Snapdragon, gives Cowplant Berry
Strawberry + Daisy gives Bonsai Buds
Apple + Cherry gives Pomegranate
Lily + Snapdragon gives Orchid
Orchid + Pomegranate gives Death Flower

U.F.O. Fruit Guide

The U.F.O. plant is found by completing space missions. You’ll need to get The Green Man scenario, and answer the scenario by: landing in the swamp, and then taking the weapon. Upon your return you’ll be given a U.F.O. Fruit which you can then plant.

0:00 Introduction
0:30 Gardening basics
3:36 Helpful traits and aspirations
5:37 Gardening skill level unlocks
12:43 Cool base game gardening things [cowplants, magic trees, bonsais and more]
17:07 Gardening and Seasons
21:54 Gardening and Cottage Living
25:31 Gardening and Realm of Magic
25:58 Outro


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