December gardening in Central Portugal – Planting food for spring

This week it has been really windy, not really motivating to get into the garden! But when I finally do we get quite a few things done and planted. Peas and favas already need to go in for an early spring harvest! Year round growing is possible here in Portugal, which is certainly nice but can also lead to some gardening burn out.

You can grow pretty much anything here, but there are still seasons! So you can’t grow everything all the time (like tomatoes in winter). If you’re wondering what to plant I would recommend looking up the sowing calendar from Sementas Vivas (can be found on their website).

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New here? My name is Lea and I live with my partner Maarten, our toddler Puck and baby Bo on our land in Central Portugal. We left the rat race in the Netherlands in 2018 and moved south in our old campervan. Two years ago we bought land in Portugal that had been abandoned for several decades. After lots of hard work we now live in a beautiful yurt and keep ourselves busy growing our own vegetables as well as producing olive oil, wine and honey on a small scale. This channel documents all the different jobs we have to do, and sometimes some nice footage of this beautiful country we now call home. Want to see more updates? Don’t forget to subscribe!


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