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I have loads of great resources for you to explore, including hundreds of extra videos, my comprehensive gardening ebook, my gardening app, data on everything I grow and when I grow it and so much more. Everything I do is free to use, but not to create!

For my whole ebook/course go here:

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For reference information on what to do each month and what I actually do, go here:

For my gardening apps go here:

For polytunnel and greenhouse growing:

For my year round growing guides:

For my guides to individual veggies:

For my 8 step guide to self sufficiency:

For my gardening basics course:

For info on harvesting:

For my FAQ document and video:

My books and videos are all grounded in what I actually do, I make sure you can see the evidence. For example if I suggest sowing carrots in November, take a look at my monthly tours to see them growing and my harvest videos for May to see the actual results. I’m not just about regurgitaing information from the backs of seed packets!

Just because all my resources are ‘free of charge’, to everyone, doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality. My objective is to make sure that there’s no need to be rich to get access to great gardening information. I do however have a lot of costs to cover and my time is valuable to me, so please consider supporting me at

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