Fall Gardening Arrangements With Perennials

Photos of Garden Types

Planting up a fall container! In this container I’m using plants will are all perennials here in my zone 6 garden. I liked the idea of using plants in these arrangements that will come back every year and serve as excellent plants to feed the pollinators. I don’t know if making fall arrangements is really something needs a, “how to” style video. Just find compatible plants that you like with warm tones and that’s all there is to it. All of the plants I used like part to full sun and are easy to grow plants. Easy to grow plants meaning they are somewhat drought tolerant and low maintenance. I will be doing more fall arrangements and once they are all done I will do a separate video placing them and decorating for fall. I ram really looking forward to doing a planter with all houseplants and tropical plants! Plants used in this video include:
Helenium ‘bandera’
Denver daisy rudbeckia
Lil bang Coreopsis ‘red elf’
Little lemon goldenrod
Lemon Coral Seum from Proven Winners
Milkweed Asclepias curassavica

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