First Fall /Winter Garden Tour Of Raised Bed Garden Gardening 2022 – 2023

Fall/ Winter Garden Tour Of Raised Bed Garden Gardening 2022 – 2023
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Garden Supplies Used:

Wonder Gro Sprayer

Vivosun Composter
Plant Velcro
Thuricide BT
VS1000 Vivosun Grow Light:
Vivosun Grow Tent 4×4:
Jobe’s Organics Vegetable & Tomato:
Jobe’s Organic Bone Meal:
Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer Spikes:
Vermiculite Espoma:
Vigoro Perlite:
Alaska Fish Emulsion 5-1-1:
Black Gold Black kow:
Earthworm Casting:
Peat Pellet:
Neem Oil:
Peat Moss:
Environment CoCo Coir:
Vivosun Heat Mats:
Vivosun Grow Bags:
Viosun Spray:
Viosun Pruner:
Viosun Grow Light:
Wonder Gro Water Soluble:
Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix:
Wonder Gro Succulent:
Wonder Gro Potting Mix:
Heating system:

Apple Ipad:
Apple Mac publication 13:
Apple apple iphone:

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