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Happy New Year!! I am so excited concerning this video, there is a lot in it that I actually hope is going to aid you in 2022, and I actually intended to reveal my recognition for getting to half a million subscribers! I can not wait for the new horticulture period however there are lots of things that will certainly maintain us garden enthusiasts active. Wintertime is the moment for getting inspired!
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Competition finishes twelve o’clock at night (UK time) Sunday 9th of January. Champions will certainly be introduced Monday 10th of January as a pinned top comment to this video clip as well as also as a community blog post.

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A New Year 0:00.
Free Learning Resource 1:15.
Amazing Garden Project 2:43.
The Upcoming Series 3:49.
My Passion Project YT Channel 5:14.
Massive News! 5:47.
What’s Changing? 7:26.
Much Deserved Shout-out 9:09.

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