Gardening Masterclass: How To Grow Chillis And Capsicums | Community Garden Festival 2020

Chillis and capsicums include flavour and also colour to our food, however they are not the easiest plants to grow. Numerous cultivars exist, which differ in terms of size of plants and fruit characteristics.

In this Gardening with Edibles Masterclass Series with Dr Wilson Wong, discover about the growth needs as well as techniques to make growing chillis and capsicums a lot simpler.

00:20 Speech by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development as well as Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration
10:00 Sharing by Dr Wilson Wong, Deputy Director, Jurong Lake Gardens
33:10 Q&A

This webinar was part of our online activities for Community Garden Festival 2020. Themed “Gardening with Edibles”, the Festival will tackle a virtual style with a myriad of fun activities that you can enjoy in the convenience of your houses.

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