Houseplant Expert Busts Common Plant Myths

Darryl from @HousePlantJournal come by the Impressive Horticulture HQ as well as busts some typical houseplant myths.


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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Are Houseplants Bad For The Environment
04:25 – Why Are My Plants Yellow
06:55 – Misting, Pebble Tray, Humidifier, Do they work
09:53 – Watering The Top Or Bottom
11:48 – Watering With Tap Water, Is It Good?
15:43 – True Or False: Houseplants Thrive In Low Light
15:53 – True Or False: Grow Lights Are As Just As Good As Sunlight
16:08 – True Or False: Houseplants Clean The Air
16:59 – False or true: Playing Music Helps Plants Grow


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