How I Built a Sustainable Suburban Homestead in 3 Years

Order the Epic Homesteading Book: – This is the most in-depth video I’ve ever done on how my suburban homestead works, from water systems to solar to gardening to chicken keeping and so much more. When I moved into this property 3 years ago, I had no clue the journey I would embark on that’s far BEYOND just growing a garden. This…is Epic Homesteading.


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00:00 – Intro
00:58 – Site Selection
01:47 – Zoning Laws
02:09 – Design
03:51 – Starting To Grow
05:55 – Raised Bed Gardens
06:31 – Designing A Garden
08:16 – Filling Beds
09:28 – Planting Beds
11:17 – Productive Orchards
16:38 – Grey Water Systems
18:22 – Rain Barrel Systems
20:20 – Water Cisterns
21:20 – Solar Energy
24:09 – Keeping Chickens
28:00 – Composting System
31:06 – Preserving What You Produce


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